I just completed a lease on a property located in Bellevue, a close neighbor do Omaha.  The Landlord and owner of the premises is a young man who came to the U.S. as a very small child with his parents. I brokered the transaction where this young man purchased his first real estate, a converted duplex that needed a ton of work. A few years later I learned that he wasn't even old enough to legally enter into a contract. 

The Tenant is a group of first generation Americans that fled Kosovo in the 1990s, fleeing genocide and religious persecution. Several family members were not as fortunate and did not survive the struggles. Despite coming into this country with just the close they were wearing and a few hygiene items provided by local aid services, they jumped into the culture and customs of their new home and set to work.  All of these young men got into sales and became immensely successful.

The tenants intend to open an upscale Italian restaurant and lead a redevelopment push in the Bellevue area.

The thing that the Landlord and Tenants have in common is their willingness to work hard for success and seize an opportunity. These young men know they will be successful. They understand there is risk but they also see the reward as well worth the risk. I have no doubt they will be a huge success.

Back to the Landlord, I met him this afternoon at that same property he purchased twelve years ago. He was replacing the floor because he believes his tenants deserve a good place to live. After signing the lease and accepting the new tenants he remarked on how good this country has been to him and how his real estate holdings have grown. I reminded him that this was all because of his hard work and willing to stick his neck out.  

I believe all of these individuals would tell you how thankful they are to be in this country and be given the chance to make something of themselves.

Posted: 3-15-2016 11:15PM EDT